Naval Fight

A battleship game that includes support for single player, two player one device, and two player over bluetooth. It has support for OpenFeint achievements as well.
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It crashes during the last two days. Os 5.1. ,

Haven't done any change in my 3GS iPhone Can't find update My version 1.2
Gas, 10.06.2012, 20:25
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It crashes all the time

When i am playing the game crashes for no reason. Almost every time i play. My phone os a iPhone 4s
Miguel Santos, 18.09.2012, 14:18
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Multiplayer over bluetooth

Please add support for multplayer over bluetooth
Response from the site administrator
stevetranby, 16.12.2010
We are adding this feature in the next update.
stevetranby, 16.12.2010, 03:44